Home-ED Holistic Biology Year 1

Over the past year, I have taught Holistic Biology to a group of children (ages 8 to 13) on a farm near Bath, UK. Our work is themed around a series of biology subjects but taught in a holistic way. We touch on many related subjects. Meteorology. Geology. Land formations. As well as studying the flora and fauna on the farm.

Classes always begin by sharing our nature diaries. We then work on a theme, using my hand-drawn lesson plans. After a break, we go for a walk around the farm and explore the biology, in tune with the theme at hand. Finally, we will spend about 30 minutes in an activity that may have an artistic dimension. It might be drawing or painting some of the plants we have identified. It could equally be working in collage, or with clay. Here I show a series of lesson plans from our first year class.